Grenville Herb Farm

Grenville Herb Farm

William J. Langenberg

Bill Langenberg has been involved in food production for 30 years. As a horticulture lecturer and researcher at Kemptvile College, he introduced both the 'Yukon Gold' potato and 'Serendipity' sweet corn varieties. In 2003, responding to consumer interest in “freshness and flavour, he started Grenville Herb Farm where he grows a wide variety of herbs using only organic seed and organic production practices. “Herbs have high antioxidant levels and growing them organically intensifies the phenolic compounds that produce flavour.” Excellent reasons for including them regularly in our diet, says Bill. It also explains his passion and mission at Grenville Herb Farm where freshly harvested herbs are packaged and same-day delivered to Ottawa-area restaurants.


Variety of organic herbs, such as basil (sweet, organic-Nufar, Italian large leaf, Ararat, Rubin, Osmin, Thai, Anise, and Lemon), Sweet Marjoram, Oregano, English Thyme, Summer Savory, Lovage, Menthol Mint etc., also heirloom organic tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower and broccoli)


Ottawa, Ontario

Production Practices:

some products are organically-grown from certified organic seed

Buy & Savour:

at local restaurants in the Ottawa area


2860 Donnelly Drive, Ottawa (at the Floral Design Landscaping Nursery)