Credible Edibles Eco-Catering and Café

Credible Edibles Eco-Catering and Café

Judi Varga-Toth, Owner

“Convenience without compromise” In a fast-paced world where choices are often determined by the time available, Credible Edibles offers the alternative. We need to slow down, take better care of our bodies and our planet. Credible Edibles is committed to providing busy people with a choice that is convenient and healthy and ecologically-sound. No one should have to choose convenience at the expense of planetary or personal health!

Judi is passionate about SLOW food. Food that is both good for our bodies and our planet while also pleasing the palate and supporting local producers. “There is absolutely no reason why our meals cannot be both ecologically-sound and taste bud tantalizing,” she declares. A dedicated team works with Judi to prepare unique and mouth-watering breakfasts and lunches for her growing clientele.

Credible Edibles Café serves lunch Tuesdays to Fridays and brunch on Saturdays in their bright and cheery space and on Ottawa’s only edible patio. Credible Edibles Catering offers nutritious, delicious, environmentally-conscious breakfast and lunch options for groups from 5 to 100.

The Chef:

Judi Varga-Toth

Savour at:

78 Hinton Av N Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Z8


(613) 558-7569