How to tell if it's from a local farm

The Savour Ottawa brand provides you with instant recognition for local agricultural products. When you see the Savour Ottawa logo at farmers' markets, butcheries, retail grocery stores and more, you can feel assured that each product or establishment with the logo has undergone a verification process to ensure that they are using local food in their products, or are a local producer.

Savour Ottawa works to develop and promote Ottawa and area as a premier, year-round culinary destination, with robust offerings of local foods and experiences for both locals and visitors to the area.


The Harvest Table 2014
e-Cookbook has arrived
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Relive the experience of the 2014 Harvest Table in the comfort of your home. Bring the creativity of our featured chefs into your kitchen and dining room with the Harvest Table e-Cookbook. The e-Cookbook is priced to be very affordable, only $5. Get your copy here.

We would like to invite you to a networking event on Monday, November 10 from 1:30-4:30 pm at the Novotel Ottawa Hotel. The event is free, and we are pleased to provide attendees with great food (produced by Savour Ottawa farmers and producers) that will be turned into delicious creations by Chef Stephen La Salle of The Albion Rooms.

Savour Ottawa Online allows you to shop, order, and pay online for Savour Ottawa local food products every week.
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